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Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

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Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

Postby leonl » Mon 06.30.2008 8:00 am

Although I'm probably six months to a year away from purchasing this book.
was wondering if anyone could tell me a few things about it. Such as

How many kanji it teaches you?you for

And what level of the JLPT will it prepare me for.
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Re: Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

Postby HungryScholar » Mon 06.30.2008 10:36 pm

I would not use this text as a kanji book. It introduces lots of vocabulary in its original kanji, but is stingy on the furigana and doesn't really have a kanji section like the Genki books did.

I'd say, consider this text as the grammar part of your education, and choose another kanji text for your kanji.

That said, if you're diligent with your kanji and can recognize most of those used in this book, you'd ace the JLPT 3 and would probably struggle with JLPT 2.
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