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Easy way to learn Hiragana.

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Easy way to learn Hiragana.

Postby littleboy » Sun 07.06.2008 8:01 am

Hi all,
http://www.hiragananow.com has a very interesting way of learning hiragana.
Some examples:
Great for a good laugh and also for people new to japanese wanting to memorrize kana.
Unfortunately the site's katagana section is not up yet :(
One day at a time...
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Re: Easy way to learn Hiragana.

Postby furrykef » Sun 07.06.2008 11:46 am

You mean "katakana", not "katagana". ;)

If it works for you, great. Me, I think both of those examples are too contrived. I think the "easy" way to do it is to just do it. Trying to write all of them out once every day can't be that boring, can it? (You should see the conjugation tables I was practicing for Spanish a year and a half ago...)

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