Writing Japanese Learning Instructions

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Writing Japanese Learning Instructions

Post by Dehitay » Mon 07.21.2008 10:34 am

I'm currently taking a Technical Writing course this semester and one of the assignments is to write a list of instructions explaining how to do something. I decided to write mine on how to start learning Japanese. I pretty much figured out how I want to list the steps, but I want to add more data to some of my steps. Here's what my list currently looks like:

1) hiragana
2) katakana
3) phrases
4) particles
*where to use
5) word order
*subject – object – verb
*place – time – other
6) simple vocabulary
7) polite conjugation
*ichidan & godan
*~masu, ~mashita, ~masen, ~masen deshita
8] casual conjugation
*ichidan & godan
*~ru, ~ta, ~nai, ~nakatta
9) simple grammar
*~te mo ii
10) kanji
11) beginner-intermediate vocabulary
12) subordinate phrases
*use of casual conjugation in subordinate phrases
*kara & node
*nara & kereba
13) beginner-intermediate grammar
14) language exchange
*programs for communication (ex: Skype)
*sites to find partners (ex: japan-guide.com)

Some of the steps like the grammar ones will have a bit of sub-steps or whatever you want to call them. There's probly a lot more sub-steps than I want to list, but if you can think of any good ones for any of the steps, I would appreciate it. I know I'm sure to start overlooking things that would be very useful to put in. Any suggestions are welcome. Even if you can think of a good step to add, I want to hear about it. Thanks

Edit: step 8 had to be changed to a ] instead of a ) because 8) is apparently a smiley
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