Portable device that will run Anki.exe

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Portable device that will run Anki.exe

Post by Apex_ » Sun 08.24.2008 8:02 pm

I am getting ahead of myself a little bit at the moment as I doubt I will need a device of this kind for a good while yet. I was wondering though is there a touch screen portable device (not a laptop) but perhaps more sophisticated than a PDA or PPC which could run Anki.exe as it currently stands, so that full synchronisation would be possible?

I would set a price limit but to be honest any reccomendations are gratefully accepted and I will most likely have to pay what it costs in the end. So far I have been searching and found nothing except for Linux running devices, although this may be too technical/specific a question here, if I were to get a linux running handheld and use it could I import/export/transfer accross files between linux and the windows .exe version on my main computer. So far this seems the only way...

I did read through the large Anki thread prior to posting this, so sorry if I may have brought up a frequent topic, but I also heard somone mention the Nintendo DS, obviously this would be the cheapest but I can only see that baing able to run an un-official port, which I would rather not have to resort to.

If there isn't a specific product that can be reccomended would it be possible to inform me of what the systems capabilities would have to be so that I can try and search a little further myself.

Edit: Would it be better if a product is stated, that I buy it imported from Japan so that I know it supports and has the capabilities of Japanese text input?

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