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Good vocab books similar TO B KANJI 1 +2?

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Good vocab books similar TO B KANJI 1 +2?

Postby Koyota » Thu 01.15.2009 9:27 am

Hey everyone, I'm at the upper intermediate level of study.

I'm either looking for readers or workbooks

I find for me the best way to learn vocab is if a book assumes you have a basic level of Japanese, then uses that to start with and teaches set vocab each lesson. repeatedly throwing in the old vocab as you progress. The three books I've gone through that used this method(Basic Kanji book 1 + 2, and ALC Kanji and vocab book) are the tools that improved my Japanese vocab the most efficiently out of anything I've used.

The problem I find with a lot of textbooks like Japanese Intermediate J501 and others, is that the main text they use to teach are full of vocab that you possibly might not see again for months, and the KOTOBA network section is full of useless vocab that isn't used anywhere else in the books(If I want to go and study the solar system proper nouns out of context, I can do that on my own, thank you very much). I've gone through the Intermediate Kanji books, but there is a lack of repetition in them, and they seem to be made far more for active/high level use of the language, someone who already knows all the vocab, just not the Kanji.

The only book I've found that meets what I'm looking for is the quite quite excellent ALC Japanese for Study abroad students, grammar and kanji book which I've already gone through

Any suggestions on books like this would be great! thank you very much!
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