Book question: Why is "Let's Learn More Kanji" SO costly?

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Book question: Why is "Let's Learn More Kanji" SO costly?

Post by Miaow » Fri 05.29.2009 11:32 pm

I'm interested in going the Let's Learn Kanji/More Kanji route-The first book in this two book series can be found everywhere for a reasonable price , but the second volume is ridiculously priced anywhere I see it - WHY? It's something I've wondered about for a long time. It seems so nuts to me.

The method is unique - and I think I'd like it - it teaches radicals first and then builds the "250 very basic kanji" from there, with tons of exercises with the kanji in context.

Does anyone have experience/advice regarding this method?

Has anyone here finished one or both of these books?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Book question: Why is "Let's Learn More Kanji" SO costly?

Post by vaeng » Sun 05.31.2009 5:45 am

i'm also interested in the method, but the price is realy scary. ... earn+kanji

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Re: Book question: Why is "Let's Learn More Kanji" SO costly?

Post by sei » Mon 07.06.2009 3:10 pm

I hope this is still helpful one month and 6 days later. :P

I recently read a few things about these books. Firstly, the second book, Let's Learn More Kanji, is out of print (from what I have read). Which is why it probably costs so much now. And secondly, the method seems to be pretty good, but almost everyone who has gone through it felt discouraged with the first book and stopped in the beginning. It seems that all the introduction to radicals and no "real" Kanji is not very motivating. Everyone seems to a agree it is a slooooow method, but very efficient if you keep at it though (basicaly, once you are through the radicals part, the book is smooth going and you learn a lot). The second book seems to get much better reviews in this regard, since it's all about learning Kanji and the books seems to accomplish this task well.

This is all from what I have read on the internet of course. I was also considering checking through these books at some point, to get a good foundation on radicals, etc.

Again, hope this helps! :)
Questions? Feel free to ask. :)

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