IMETool 2.8 - Change your IME keyboard layout

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IMETool 2.8 - Change your IME keyboard layout

Post by Yufina » Fri 06.05.2009 6:27 pm

Finally found chinese program that can change your IME's keyboard layout language.

Just tried it with Chinese google pinyin IME and it works ^^

Select language/ime and then press KeyBoard... You need reststart computer, before it works.

Have fun:

Please use it at your own risk.

EDIT: Now I have some problems with alt+shift, but maybe I just need change some settings...
Now I found It. You need tick Switch IME. OR you can just made your own hotkeys ^^

EDIT2: This program works same way as this registery hack:

So it edits your computer registery, but I think it is safety use.

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