How do you like to organize your flashcards?

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How do you like to organize your flashcards?

Post by Harisenbon » Tue 06.09.2009 8:03 pm

While reading the "how do you organize your anki cards" thread, I started wondering: how do people organize their non-anki flashcards?

Like email, I've always used the folder approach, putting all my cards in packs based on topic, and then in order by how much trouble I have remembering them, so that cards I have a problem with are reviewed more than those I don't. This works well because it translates to both computer and paper flashcards, both of which I use heavily.

But I've been using a lot of google mail lately, and am wondering if labels are not the way to go? Obviously, it would be much more difficult to accomplish with paper cards (or not at all), but I'm wondering if a multi-labeled system would be a better way to organize cards than simply through pre-defined "packs"

So, I'm curious: How do you organize your flashcards? What would you do to improve how they're organized?
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