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quality of online kanji pages?

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quality of online kanji pages?

Postby Svensk » Wed 07.08.2009 2:36 pm


How does a person know if the different kanji pages on the internet are good?
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Re: quality of online kanji pages?

Postby keatonatron » Wed 07.08.2009 3:41 pm

Ask a native/advanced speaker.

You're free to post links here and ask our opinions.
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Re: quality of online kanji pages?

Postby Bengal_Tiger234 » Wed 07.08.2009 9:36 pm


This site IMO is VERY good. On the left you'll see you can click on the list of kanji for any level of the JLPT and then you can click on any kanji and it will show you the stroke order, on and kun readings and an example word to boot. Additionally, you can do "kanji quizes" and test yourself.

I've been using it for a long time now and I must say it's helped a lot.
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