Do I really need Anki to study?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Do I really need Anki to study?

Post by Pkmn Trainer Abram » Tue 07.14.2009 5:54 pm

Right now I am using Iknow, studying using the textbook "Japanese DeMystified", listening the music, watching news or any Japanese program at least once a day, Reviewing the Kanji(website) and using to sentence mine.

I downloaded Anki and am using the sample decks from the Iknow website.

Basically my routine is this.

Start a day off with Iknow:

-go through review, pronounce sentence, writing out each word in sentence while pronouncing them, say whole sentence again

-usually get the recommeded reviews done in one shot(usually 2 done at once) and go into Dication Mode, doing 2-3 lessons repeating the above except for the writing obviously.

This takes about 1 hour or so.


Using the textbook Japanese Demystified, I write out everything, and basically do the same routine as I do with Iknow. I don't do this everyday, maybe every 3-5 days honestly.

I go to Jisho and look up a word, and go to look for 10 sentences, doing the same thing as I would with Iknow. I don't review these, I just do it for exposure to new kanji really. This is done like every other day.

Reviewing the Kanji:

Reviewing the Kanji. Ok. Controversal, but it's hit or miss for me apparently.

I did 250 Kanji for a week during my vacation. Learned a crapload of Kanji and had a blast. I've entered 30 kanji since then(this past week) and the method isn't working for me anymore, seems like I can't remember many new ones, but the system has helped for breaking up kanji I haven't seen yet. I'm stuck here. Honestly wish I did this 3 years ago when I first started out, I'd be finished by now. I tend to review around 30-50 kanji every few days, if I'm not adding new ones.


Now I finally downloaded Anki, and got the Iknow pack. I do the same thing as I do with Iknow, only it seems redundant. Do I really need Anki or am I not using it right? I guess I get the odd thing I forgot months ago, but I feel I could be using it for better things like conversations or something. I have no idea how to do the custom stuff, though I could learn.

Am I overloaded or just being redundant with these tools? There must be a better way to use Anki.

I can come up with basic sentences, with time. Sometimes I say a Japanese phrase when I do something, but it seems I can read more than I can understand and speak freely. I sometimes play Pokemon Platinum and can breeze through the text also twice as fast as I could last year, though I don't play it much anymore, waiting for HG/SS, heh. That and I sometimes just rather be studing.
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Re: Do I really need Anki to study?

Post by wccrawford » Tue 07.14.2009 7:07 pm

I initially thought Anki was for 'studying' and 'learning' as well, but it's not, really. It's for remembering. Once you've 'learned' a fact, put it in Anki and let it help you remember it forever. But just putting facts into Anki might not be best way to learn those facts. There should be some study time before that, such as iKnow or a textbook or something.

I'm still trying to use Anki to learn from, but ... It's not really working well. Perhaps 75% of it gets 'learned' after 3-4 failures, and the other 25% end up leeches. Still, that at least sorts out the ones that I need to specifically concentrate on, and the easy ones that I don't.

I've found that iKnow's constant repetition wasn't helping me learn the words any faster. It was just taking up time. For the easy ones, I only needed a couple times and I had the word. For the hard ones, all the practice in the world wasn't helping anyhow. So Anki saves me a lot of time in that regard. Where I would practice 30 items a day in 30 minutes for iKnow, I can practice 60 items a day in 15-20 minutes in Anki. And that usually includes 10 new items each day in Anki, where iKnow doesn't get that many new ones.

I'm not trying to talk you out of iKnow. It really works well for a lot of people. But if you think it's wasting your valuable time, you might look into other methods.

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