How can I improve my 漢字 flow?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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How can I improve my 漢字 flow?

Post by DarumaBlue » Tue 08.11.2009 5:05 pm

So here's a run-down of how I learn kanji.

I am currently learning out of Intermediate Kanji Book Vol. 2. When I'm learning the kanji for each chapter for the first time, I find each of the listed compounds that I can at least recognize in full (not learning two kanji from disparate chapters) and write each kanji on a paper flash card, with it's translation on the back. I'll carry these cards essentially everywhere I go and look at them in my downtime - on the bus, walking to class, waiting for food at a restaurant, listening to boring people ( :P ) and so on.

Then, when I feel fairly comfortable with them (usually 60-70 per cluster) I've picked up a lot of new vocabulary and know the kanji itself fairly well.

I''ll then add these cards to an Anki deck composed entirely from previous chapters of the Basic and Intermediate Kanji books, and study them for all eternity. They're not placed in sentences, sadly, and I often don't get to see what particle verbs use, but since I grade myself harshly on Anki's scale, once I'm pushing 4 on flashcards, I know that kanji like I know myself.

I also have a separate recognition only deck in Anki that holds all the vocabulary from "Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese" since we never learn the kanji for each word per se. But recognition can work well enough.

So I guess this system is slow, but incredibly intense. Like I said, once a kanji is fully planted in my brain, it stays there for good.

Just wondering if there are suggestions out there, or (constructive) criticism of how this system can be improved, or even dismantled altogether and rebuilt.


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Re: How can I improve my 漢字 flow?

Post by Yudan Taiteki » Tue 08.11.2009 5:51 pm

If you're learning the kanji well, your method is fine no matter how slow it goes. Are you able to read the reading passages in IKB 2 as well?
-Chris Kern

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