Rosetta Stone

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Rosetta Stone

Post by Mr.Paper » Sun 09.06.2009 12:20 am

Rosetta Stone Japanese level 1
Price: $229

This CD software is great for pronunciation and vocabulary. But not with grammar. It only uses the formal forms of verbs and is confusing if you do not know anything about Japanese grammar. The fact that it uses formal forms is not good. Japanese people use informal forms too. And the price for this is too much. It should be $199. I liked the voice recognition, it actually helps you develop an pitch accent. And you remember vocabulary because you feel like you are playing a game and not learning. Which is good becuase to feel like you're playing rather than learning is good. I give this product an 2.9/10.

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Re: Rosetta Stone

Post by leonl » Sun 09.06.2009 1:56 am

How long did you use the software?Because It does use plain forms. Also polite form is generally taught first in almost every Japanese course ever, So the fact that its what you encounter towards the beginning of rosetta stone is no big shock. But an ok review all the same. Could be a bit longer, with a bit more about ease of use, set up, etc. But that is just my opinion
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Re: Rosetta Stone

Post by Infidel » Sun 09.06.2009 2:02 am

I've ranted about Rosetta stone myself, but here I want to make an argument in its defense. Rosetta stone is supposed to be confusing. It makes use of your brain's ability to naturally grasp patterns after going through a period of confusion. Theoretically, giving better retention and utility in the long run, if a bit slower in the beginning. Something along the same lines of the Heisig diversion with Kanji learning.

Both seem to work, but you have to have the personality to accomodate them. A lot of people can't be patient and work through the confusion period. I sure can't, but it works great for those that can. Sairana is our local Rosetta advocate IIRC. We used to argue, but she won, or I gave up. Can't remember :P

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Re: Rosetta Stone

Post by Sairana » Sun 09.06.2009 8:56 am


I'm stubborn!

Aaaaanyway... yeah. Rosetta Stone does teach plain form. I'll agree the price is probably too steep, but then again I paid for it with little complaint. I even had paid for Version 2, and thought that was worthwhile. By comparison, Version 3 is a godsend. ^_^

Considering my patchy study habits, I'm nowhere near as progressed in Japanese as I should be. But one thing I know for sure... the Japanese grammar elements and vocabulary that I remember the most clearly are those that I learned in Rosetta Stone.

This reminds me that I really should stop messing around and get myself level 2 sometime soon and get back into my study routine.....

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Re: Rosetta Stone

Post by adriannrod » Mon 10.26.2009 12:33 am

I would attempt to champion Rosetta Stone, but it's already been done. I love the software personally, and if I had the money, I'd be using it this very second.
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