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Learning Godan Verbs

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Learning Godan Verbs

Postby Tazzy » Sun 02.07.2010 9:41 pm

Okay, so I've learned the conjugations for godan verbs but it was from a site that wasn't exactly thorough or correct all the time, so I just wanted to make sure I had them right.

-u, -tsu, -ru : -ta
-nu, -mu, -bu: -nda
-ku: -ita
-gu: -ida
-su: -shita

LOL, I have this memorized in the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."
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Re: Learning Godan Verbs

Postby chikara » Sun 02.07.2010 10:29 pm

Tazzy wrote:.....
-u, -tsu, -ru : -ta


kau -> katta
matsu -> matta
mawaru -> mawatta
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Re: Learning Godan Verbs

Postby furrykef » Mon 02.08.2010 12:13 am

This is a pretty good site for any Japanese grammar questions. Here is the page for conjugating verbs in the past tense.

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