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Postby JaySee » Mon 02.08.2010 12:03 pm

I was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good source (website or book, Japanese or English) for brushing up my skills in reading kanbun kuzushi. I did at some point take Classical Japanese and Kanbun classes but this was quite a while ago, and as I've never really done anything with it since, I've forgotten most of it. However, for my thesis I now need to read several essays written during the Meiji period, almost all of which use various degrees of archaic language. My knowledge of modern Japanese is good enough to get the gist of these texts, but things like differences in particle usage, endings such as nari and beshi and the like ("知ルベカラザルナリ") are preventing me from understanding them fully. Because these are things you can't really look up in a dictionary, anything that would highlight the most important differences between Modern Japanese and kanbun kuzushi in these areas would come in very handy.

I've also got a few texts I'd like to take a look at written in sōrōbun, which using my knowledge of Modern Japanese I'm able read to a certain extent as well (although this does depend heavily on how pedantic the writer decides to be). However, here as well several fixed (archaic) ways of putting things, which would make it very useful to have something that could explain these characteristics and give their equivalents in Modern Japanese.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Re: 漢文崩しと候文

Postby Yudan Taiteki » Mon 02.08.2010 3:36 pm

If you find anything let me know, I have to learn 漢文 as well. A lot of it is just general classical Japanese that can be learned from any classical japanese grammar book (i.e. your 知ルベカラザルナリ, which is 知るべきじゃないのだ)
-Chris Kern
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