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Google IME

Post by m_ » Sat 02.13.2010 6:42 am


Any of you using Google IME?
I was trying to read some blogs in Japanese and came across a lot of slang. So someone recommended me Google IME. He mentioned that it can decipher slangs.

For example, I can't figure out that

but the IME is supposed to be helpful in this way.

I installed it but it sort of disappeared after the installation. I'm not sure where to locate it in my PC and launch and use it. And I can't ask the person who recommended me because my Japanese is not good enough.

Here is the link.

Appreciate any help!

Anyway, he also mentioned that ATOK社のIME is the best, but it is chargeable at 8000 yen. Any of you using that? Appreciate if you can write some review about it? How is it better than Microsoft IME?

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Re: Google IME

Post by Hyperworm » Sat 02.13.2010 10:02 am

I'm using Google IME and it's much better than Microsoft's, in my opinion ^^
It picks the right kanji quite often, excels at names and series terminology, offers auto-completion suggestions, and has a proper memory of previously typed phrases which is actually useful ._. (you can turn that last one off)

However I don't see how it'd help you with your problem. ._.
Entering 「たんねっす」 isn't going to bring up entry candidates such as 「足りないです」 which have a completely different pronunciation ._. Nor the other way around.

Still, if you want to try it out:
Restore the language bar (right click on IME language icon -> Restore)
Switch to Japanese if you're not on it already
Press the second button in and select "Google Japanese Input".

If you want to remove the Microsoft IME completely and always use Google, go to "Text Services and Input Languages" (either via right-click -> Settings on the language bar, or via Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages tab -> Details), and remove the Microsoft Japanese IMEs from that list. It should be possible to add them back using that same dialog.
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