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Postby TwoOranges » Tue 03.23.2010 12:22 pm

Does anyone have any experience with the book "上級へのとびら"? According to our Japanese teacher the book is quiet popular and she is advising us to move on to this book once we are done with Japanese for Busy People III (somewhere later this year...). So now I am trying to find out if the book is actually any good and whether it would complement the Japanese for Busy People series nicely. So, does anyone have any experience with this book?
Here is also the link to the website of the book: http://tobira.9640.jp/xoops/
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Re: 上級へのとびら

Postby hamauzu kaito » Sat 04.24.2010 11:54 pm

I used this book for my Japanese 311-313 class for three quarters at my university. I think that the book was well organized and the readings were informative and interesting. Lots of useful vocabulary is introduced as well as cultural elements. The best part about it is the online content that is included with the book,,,there are grammar and kanji worksheets, as well as videos and audio reading of the texts and conversations.

I used Japanese for Young people Like 6 or 7 years ago when i first started learning Japanese, i used the first and second books, but not the japanese for busy people, so i am not sure, but if the set up is similar since they are the same textbook makers then i would have to say that the style of tobira is similar but most of the exercises are exterior, you can print them off from online, there are questions about the main text and the conversations as well as practice dialogues with spaces for you to customize and make your own dialogue included right in the textbook though. any other things you want to know ? I did a bad job at explaining so im sure there are more question :p
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