Japanese Christian TV with English Subtitles

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Japanese Christian TV with English Subtitles

Post by berean_315 » Thu 06.10.2010 10:22 am

Harvest Time, a Japanese Christian Television broadcast, has videos you can watch and/or download with English subtitles. I find this really helps in following the Japanese. Haven't come across anything similar online. If there are please let me know. If you hear a word in Japanese you can check the English subtitle to give you a hint on what it might mean and then look it up in a dictionary. From my previous post on useful i-Touch Apps, the "Japanese" dictionary app is really useful for this. You can then store the words in a vocabulary list.

See below for links to the Harvest Time site:


I think this may be of interest to some Japanese learners out there. I'm not trying to start a religious discssion with this thread so don't flame me. If this isn't your thing, then disregard and don't watch.


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