Beginner Japanese Textbook help!

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Re: Beginner Japanese Textbook help!

Post by Dustin » Fri 03.18.2011 3:10 pm


This thread was 6 months old since the last reply, 9 months since the OP

I am sure the OP has found his or her book already ^_^

That being said, Genki now has a revised edition that includes audio on CD as well, That or JFE will do nicely :)

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Re: Beginner Japanese Textbook help!

Post by Zvono11 » Fri 03.18.2011 6:03 pm

sei wrote:I would not recommend Japanese for Young People, specially considering the OP's age. I also don't consider it a good self-study book at all. It's probably very good for classroom use, but the complete lack of grammar explanations, and the difficulty in figuring out what the exercises want you to do, makes it hard for a self-study person to learn from it.

I recommend either Genki or Japanese for Everyone, though the latter does move at a faster pace so you have to make sure you can deal with that amount of information. Genki is slower and has longer explanations, with plenty of exercises to drill you.
Well, I agree with you, that Genki is better and easier to understand. Japanese for Young people, is recommended to be used in groups or classes. I must admit, that I made my first step into Japanese, with that book :)
I was attending some free lessons during vacations about 2 years ago, where we were offered to purchase that book and I took it :)

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