Minna no nihongo recourses

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Minna no nihongo recourses

Post by Ememxx » Thu 12.30.2010 11:03 am

I noticed there was another MNN topic but the last post was back in 2007, so I think it might be time for a new one?

So, I am currently studying Japanese with MNN, this was not my own choice, but it is part of my school's curriculum, so, I'm just going to have to go with it.
I studied with Genki aswell, and I like Genki, but I think I do prefer the route that MNN takes.
What I do really dislike about MNN is the amount of excercises it has. The word key at the back of the book only shows the answers to the C listening and writing excersises (which are usually only 2 or 3 pages long) but there are no answers given on B.
Now, Genki has paaaaages full of practice, but they aren't really in sync with MNN, if you know what I mean.

Is there anyone who knows any practice or excersice material that does complement the Minna No Nihongo books?
I'm looking for 'fill in the right particle' type of practice.


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Re: Minna no nihongo recourses

Post by thariamon » Sat 02.19.2011 2:57 pm

For the Minna no Nihongo series there's lots of additional material but the places where we study japanese don't provide all of it. About the lesson B, I've looked at all the books but I haven't found the solutions of those lessons particularly, I think you might ask your sensei or maybe we should try posting anwers on this forum :P

みんなの日本語 (Minna no Nihongo)
  • Part I
  • 本冊 (Honsatsu)
    The book used in class with lessons A, B and C for each unit.
  • 翻訳文法解説 (Honyaku Bunpou Kaisetsu)
    Translation and grammatical notes.
  • 標準問題集 (Hyoujun Mondaishuu)
    This is a great book, it has sort of tests for each unit, every 7 units and a final test. With answers in the back.
  • 漢字英語版 (Kanji Eigoban)
    The main book for kanji.
  • 漢字練習帳 (Kanji Renshuuchou)
    This one has exercises for practicing kanji.
  • Part II
  • 本冊 (Honsatsu)
  • 翻訳文法解説 (Honyaku Bunpou Kaisetsu)
  • 標準問題集 (Hyoujun Mondaishuu)
  • 漢字英語版 (Kanji Eigoban)
  • 漢字練習帳 (Kanji Renshuuchou)
  • They all have the same type of content as the previous ones but for the second level.
  • みんなの日本語: 聴解 (Choukai)
    For practice dialogs, listening. Comes with a CD and the book has the answers. There's 2 books of this.
  • みんなの日本語: 書いて覚える (Kaite Oboeru)
    For recognizing patterns of phrases, grammatical structure. Writing exercises, etc. There's 2 books of this.
  • みんなの日本語: 初級で読める (Shokyuu de Yomeru)
    Practicing reading and comprehension. There's 2 books of this.
  • みんなの日本語: やさしい作文 (Yasashii Sakubun)
    This is also for practicing writing but more like mixing basic and intermediate level. There's just one book of this.
  • みんなの日本語: 中級 I 本冊 (Chuukyuu I Honsastsu)
    This is the class book for intermediate/advance levels
That's as far as I have, there's probably more books but this is the basic course. You can buy them, look for them on a library or internet and stuff. Sorry if I've made some grammar mistakes, my english is a little bit rusty :sweatdrop:

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Re: Minna no nihongo recourses

Post by persephonequinn » Wed 03.02.2011 10:28 pm

I'm new to this forum, but I also a "fan" of MNN because I bought almost all the books in a goal and have to stuck with it to study with. I spend hundreds on MNN to know they have no answers :?

To my horror, Renshuu B never provide the answer, I having a hard time understanding it when I first encounter the chapter renshuu B.

And the grammar of changing from -masu to dictionary form took me a year to understand. But after I understand the nature of the grammar, and I redo all my renshuu B in my blog, I found that it is very easy (not all but still relatively easy). I feel that why I never think renshuu B is easy before but now.

I have part of the renshuu B in my blog daily as my revision progress for preparation to JLPT test, I put on the answers because I know and feel the pain of those who used the book and never get the answers. All my answers I shared at my blog for renshuu B might not be 100% correct nor 100% wrong, but I thought why not share it and I can learned from my mistake if someone question my answers.

Currently, I'm on Lesson 30 but at the same time doing revision on lesson 19.

this is the http://nihongobenkyoushimasu.blogspot.com/ to the answer, but of course I think the link will benefit some of us to share and to learn.

Learning Japanese need disciplines..
http://nihongobenkyoushimasu.blogspot.com/ is where I put all my Minna no Nihongo Renshuu B answer there. Won't be 100% correct nor 100% wrong.

I <3 learning Languages n Nihongo is one of them

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Re: Minna no nihongo recourses

Post by vetman@gmail.com » Tue 05.06.2014 11:46 pm

Hello Everyone.
this post i old but I wish someone answer me.
I need mina no nogongo renshu B answers. I could find them in http://nihongobenkyoushimasu.blogspot.com/ but it is until lesson 31.
please if anyone has these answers give me a copy.
Thank you very much

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