Buying dictionaries online

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Buying dictionaries online

Post by TJack » Sat 01.29.2011 3:42 pm

I want to buy a Japanese dictionary and was recommended the デイリーコンサイス dictionary and Kenkyuusha's furigana dictionary, but I don't really know where the best place to buy them. I asked if I should go to the companies' main website or and was told to check out a site like Amazon, but the books available are not the latest one's offered on the publishers website (For instance, on the only Daily Concise dictionary available is version 5, which is little more than 10 years old, and two editions less than the newest version)

Now if the older version was much cheaper than the newer edition, I'd probably just buy it on Amazon. However the difference for the new book (excluding shipping and handling) is just a bit more than $10. So one question I have is, would shipping be so much more directly from the publisher that I would be better off just buying the older used version online?

I know S&H can vary but does anyone have any experience buying items online from Japan? I seen that games from Japan can be quite expensive, although I do not know if that is because of shipping or because of scalping..

I might just register an account on their site and see if they show S&H costs to the U.S.

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Re: Buying dictionaries online

Post by baskerville » Thu 04.25.2013 2:43 am

If we just depend on the version, it might be better for you to get your dictionary directly from the publisher.

I did that once with a couple of ALC books because I noticed their price was slightly lower than the ones in Amazon.
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