Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Post by Kailene » Thu 09.29.2011 3:23 pm

So I'm a JLPT level 2 Japanese learner, and I'm interested in studying Korean as well. I've heard that Korean has a similar grammar structure to Japanese, and I'm interested in the culture, so I thought it'd be a good option for me. I'm wondering if anybody else has does this, and if they have any recommendations for a textbook- should I just go with what's most recommended? Should I buy a textbook in Japanese? Is there a textbook that caters to such learners?


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Re: Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Post by Shiroisan » Thu 09.29.2011 11:24 pm

Although I'd bet your Japanese would be high enough to comprehend what the textbook says, you probably would not fair so well in terms of connotations. I would stick to English for this circumstance....

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Re: Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Post by spin13 » Tue 10.04.2011 12:20 am

Korean and Japanese are quite similar and knowing one gives you a definite advantage in learning the other. That said, Korean is difficult in its own right. It is phonetically challenging even for speakers of English and it preserves a wide range of grammar that does not exist or has fallen out of use in modern Japanese. At the very least, I think you will find that a little bit of studying Korean will give you an appreciation for how regular Japanese is.

It's not lesson-based textbook, but I found 韓国語能力試験初級[1級・2級]対策単語集 to be a good source of sample sentences. The book covers the 2500 or so words needed to pass the TOPIK Beginner Level along with their translations in cover-able red Japanese. It also has a handy table of verb/adjective agglutination and suffixes in the back.

In general, I think Japanese-based texts will probably do a better job of clarifying things like 은/는 and 가/이 (Japanese は and が) and clarifying connections between shared Chinese-derived vocabulary, but you'll be far better served by an English-based explanation of pronunciation.

The most in depth book I've come across for pronunciation is Sounds of Korean: A Pronunciation Guide. Making full use of it requires some familiarity with phonetics (especially in terms of vocabulary) but it tries to show actual tongue positions and comes with a CD with exercises and examples. It also makes a point of dispelling the myth that hangul is completely phonetic and works to identify where it is not rather than sweep it under the rug.

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Re: Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Post by Ichigo19 » Fri 10.14.2011 10:00 am

From all the reading/research I've done The Integrated Korean series seems to be one of the most popular series. It consists of 5 levels of 2 books each taking you from absolute beginner to an advanced level.

Integrated Korean Beginner 1 2nd Edition

The series contains a textbook and a workbook(workbooks for only the basic levels) and you can download all the mp3 files for the lessons on the publisher's website. The CD for them is I believe around $200 so most people will probably rather download for free.

I believe Elementary Korean was also a popular one.

You can try a look around hanbooks.com as they have quite a huge selection of Korean textbooks and all sorts of other Korean related items.

There's also Sogang Korean. They have their own textbook series but also an online site that is 100% free and will teach you korean.

Sogang Korean

So that's also a nice option.

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Re: Korean Textbook after Learning Japanese?

Post by Vestara » Fri 10.14.2011 6:47 pm

I can't say much but I would recommend going to talktomeinkorean.com
it's really amazing

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