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How to learn a Language By Yourself

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How to learn a Language By Yourself

Postby ThaaMC » Sun 03.25.2012 1:41 am

Hey everyone!

I'm a huge language enthusiast's and I like to learn several languages for fun. Right now I'm studying Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) I was learning Japanese before, but now I feel that I'm at the level to move on to more languages. Most of my interest is in east Asian languages, because they intrigue me a lot. The feeling of finally understanding something that felt difficult to learn is a rewarding accomplishment. Most people think learning a language is impossible w/o a teacher, and I strongly disagree. "The best teacher you have is yourself" the moment one finally accepts the fact that trying to learn another language is going to be a journey for them and there will be trials and struggle's before them, it's their first step becoming even a better individual as well. But through those experiences makes you a better person, it builds character. Learning another language opens your mind to other cultures and new ways of life. I made a video based on a few things that anyone would need to start off with to learn a language by themselves.


Hope this helps someone~ :sweatdrop:
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Re: How to learn a Language By Yourself

Postby baskerville » Mon 06.17.2013 7:55 am

Interesting video, thanks for posting! I liked your video on Kansai-ben. It's something that I have never really mastered. It's too fast for me and all those chau really trip me up. :?
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