The ideal learning system

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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The ideal learning system

Post by nikhilkhullar » Wed 01.09.2013 6:22 pm

Hello friends,

This place is full of great enthusiastic learners and super-cool language instructors and experts. So, I find it a very apt platform to discuss the following:
I am involved with a start-up firm from India, a bunch of innovators and entrepreneurs, who intend to build the next-generation language learning media catering to the needs of many foreign language learning communities.
The basic ideology is that the same language set (grammar, sentence patterns etc.) become more useful when coupled with vocabulary that is relevant to a person's taste and where he intends to use the learnt language.
For this, the software needs to adapt and present tailor-made lessons for every learner, based on his needs and tastes. Besides games, spaced repetition, customizable tools like progress tracker, smartphone apps, physical card-sets/cheat sheets and the ability to interact one-on-one with some esteemed language professors, what all do you expect from an ideal language learning solution..?
To make the question more relevant to the present forum's context, what all features do you specifically find useful in different sources that you might have tried like Minna no Nihongo, Genki books, Pimsleur, Rossetta Stone, Kodansha, JTA, smartphone apps, BYKI, Tuttle books, Flashcards, and our favorite japanesepod101... :)

Please put forward your ideas so that future learners can be benefited from your experience as a learner. I request the honorable teachers to express their views as well.
Happy learning in 2013... ^^
Thanks and Regards !
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