Kanji compounds per grade level

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Kanji compounds per grade level

Post by sampaguita » Sun 02.24.2013 10:20 am

I've finally decided to study kanji formally as I am tired of having to use rikaichan all the time for kanji :D .

Are there any programs that give you the kanji COMPOUNDS that you can form per grade level? Like, for example, if you finish 1st grade level, you should be able to pronounce words like 上下、左右、目玉、青年, etc. However, all the study software I've found only focused on the kun/onyomi of the kanji.

Does anyone know of any software for PC or Android which does this? Thanks a lot!

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Re: Kanji compounds per grade level

Post by Aaron94 » Sun 02.24.2013 10:42 pm

There an app for that. :P I have imiwa which is also a dictionary. I'm not really if you need that or not but there's a kanji section that lists them by grade. I don't know if it's accurate or not but there's about 2000 kanji.

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Re: Kanji compounds per grade level

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Sun 02.24.2013 11:05 pm

I don't know about that, but in a similar approach to what you're asking for, the readthekanji.com web site sorts the kanji by JLPT levels and tests you on reading words in context.

I used it for a time, although ultimately I found that Heisig's Remembering the Kanji and an Anki sentence deck worked better for me. That, however, is a completely different approach from what you were asking for.

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Re: Kanji compounds per grade level

Post by vishnube » Mon 01.18.2016 2:21 am

Hi @sampaguita Just I was looking for the same kanji compounds software/ web app based on grade level. The importance is given only to on/kun readings instead of kanji compounds. Also decided to formally learn kanji. Currently started working for kanji kentei.

how did you/ anyone organize your kanji study now? Is on/ kun memorization really help for recall or just concentrate on kanji compound is suffice?

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