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Kanji ebook focused on reading comprehension

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Kanji ebook focused on reading comprehension

Postby boredtechykid » Sat 11.23.2013 1:43 pm

I'd like to show you an ebook I wrote to help beginners start reading the Japanese web. It only teaches 734 kanji that cover 85% of wikipedia with RTK-style stories and vocabulary. Thus, it teaches not only to remember kanji from radical/primitives but also to understand words from kanji, which are the two skills you need to understand texts if you're already familiar enough with grammar. I tried to make it as motivating as possible with stories and useful vocabulary with kanji you already know only.

I think it can be a really good resource to start reading the Japanese web and learning more kanji by reading and a more motivating alternative for those who're stuck with RTK or any other book.

I already got some feedback on Reddit and implemented a part of it but some more is welcome here.
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