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Kana Quiz for Android

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Kana Quiz for Android

Postby japfan » Mon 01.13.2014 2:40 pm

Kana Quiz is a simple and effective way to learn, review and practice the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters. Select which kana to study and start learning Japanese today!

• Includes hiragana and katakana
• Select from 314 characters to study
• Simple, easy-to-use interface
• Clean, crisp graphics

Kana Quiz on Google Play
Kana Quiz on Amazon

About Me
I create quality games and apps for mobile devices. I studied Japanese for three years in high school and I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan when I served in the US Army. I tried many different Japanese learning apps while I was in Okinawa. When I got discharged from the Army, I decided to make my own apps. Kana Quiz is one of those apps.

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