Tako's Japanese: Learn Japanese while playing!

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Tako's Japanese: Learn Japanese while playing!

Post by ruben8963 » Thu 08.21.2014 9:50 am

こんにちは !

My name is Ruben Rincon, I'm part of the Giant Soul Interactive team. I’ve been talking with the admin and we have seen a good idea show to all the members our game, so here we go!

We’re developing a unique app about learning japanese in a fun way, it’s called “Tako’s Japanese” and is going to be on sale this Autumn for tablets and smartphones (iOS, Kindle Fire and Android).

With this game, you will learn all the Hiraganas, Katakanas, and Kanjis which corresponds to the level N5 in Japanese, through enjoyable lessons, composed by different activities of writing, reading, native pronunciation, exams and fun minigames to test the knowledge the user has learned through the lesson. It consists of a massive variety of divided lessons in Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, so that you are able to choose what you want to learn from the beginning.

Completing Tako’s Japanese will will give you the knowledge to read and write the language at a basic level. Inside the game, you can select between differents modes:

- Lesson mode: In this mode, you will learn Hiraganas, Katakanas and Kanjis. There are 26 lessons of Hiragana, 26 lessons of Katakana and 34 lessons of Kanjis.

- Study mode: This is a mode where you can study the characters you've been learning in the lessons, practicing the writing and pronunciation all the times you want.

- Mini game Mode: We decided to create a direct access to the mini games, so that the player could practice the differents lessons playing instead of using the study mode.

And that's all for today! We will be updating the post, but if you want to ask something about the game, our studio or how cool the art of the game is, please feel free to do it! :D



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Re: Tako's Japanese: Learn Japanese while playing!

Post by Bekboo83 » Tue 09.02.2014 8:49 am

This actually sounds very good!! What amount would the app be selling for?

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Re: Tako's Japanese: Learn Japanese while playing!

Post by derc4N » Sun 09.28.2014 1:13 am

i'd really like an app like that.
i've been using anki droid to improve my kanji, but i missed a function where i could draw them myself.

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Re: Tako's Japanese: Learn Japanese while playing!

Post by BrianDeall » Thu 01.01.2015 5:41 am

For the Minna no Nihongo series there's lots of additional material but the places where we study japanese don't provide all of it. About the lesson B, I've looked at all the books but I haven't found the solutions of those lessons particularly, I think you might ask your sensei or maybe we should try posting anwers on this forum :P

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