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My YouTube video series for Japanese learners!

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My YouTube video series for Japanese learners!

Postby HachiHachi » Mon 02.23.2015 11:35 am

I'm making YouTube videos for Japanese learners :)
You will learn useful daily phrases.
I hope you will like it!

Hachi's Japanese lesson 06 - 甘(あま)さ控(ひか)えめ (amasa hikaeme) -

Hachi's Japanese lesson 05 - 暇を潰す (himawo tsubusu) -

Hachi's Japanese lesson 04 - そっくり (sokkuri) -

Hachi's Japanese lesson 03 - 好(す)きなだけ (sukinadake) -

Hachi's Japanese lesson 02 - あっという間(ま)に (attoiumani) -

Hachi's Japanese lesson 01 - やみつきになる (yamitsukininaru) -
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRadHy9 ... e=youtu.be
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