Listening advice (and speaking)

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Listening advice (and speaking)

Post by acd » Wed 04.29.2015 10:46 pm


Despite having lived in Japan for a decent amount of time my listening skills are not at the level which they should be at. This gets embarrassing at work, especially having to ask for repeated explanations from people.

I've tried all the usual methods of getting better (watching news, TV, films with Japanese subtitles, podcasts, transcribing speech, making anki decks with news words etc) and none of it seems to be working. Does anyone have any further suggestions that I might be able to use?

Just to give some context, I'm around N1 level. It was actually the listening that meant I failed the exam last time (by like five marks....).

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Re: Listening advice (and speaking)

Post by Ongakuka » Sun 05.03.2015 6:30 am

Hi acdさん

I'd recommend focussing on listening situations where you are involved as an active listener (and speaker.) What you talk about at work may differ from chatting with mates at a local izakaya, but you're still using the same 'listening' part of your brain to process the information.

If your not with say, a partner who is Japanese, it can be awkward to force conversations with people, so I'd also recommend joining clubs or activities, particularly those where you can speak a lot in them. For example, Kendo could work, but a card trading club would be better, when you think about how much chatting there would be. Do you think that might work?

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