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四字熟語 - 4 word sayings

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四字熟語 - 4 word sayings

Postby zengargoyle » Sun 11.13.2005 3:50 am

yet another little experiment. based on the totally cool TiddlyWiki and a dictionary of 四字熟語(よじじゅくご) from the EDICT site this is a self-contained single page of HTML/Javascript with 1071 of these 四字熟語 indexed by the contained kanji.

Warning: it's pretty big (502k) and runs a bit sluggish but tolerable.

get it here or here's a smaller zipped version (122k).

it's still a beta version, i want to add some more information and do some more formatting. this is basically just the first round of getting the data into the TiddlyWiki format.

and again, TiddlyWiki is really cool! :D
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