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New unexpected learning tool.

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New unexpected learning tool.

Postby Infidel » Tue 11.15.2005 2:01 pm

I just sorta stumbled on this and thought I would share.

I have the google and merriam-webster toolbar. The Google toolbar has a translate function, and this nifty spellchecker for text boxes :)

The translator translates _from_ English to the language of my choice (Japanese).

It is pretty neat. Nearly everything I point at that is not a proper name gives me a tooltip of what the Japanese word would be. I'm not sure how useful people might find it, but it is pretty neat.
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RE: New unexpected learning tool.

Postby Christian_ » Tue 11.15.2005 6:59 pm

おもしろい, I'll probably download that later. If anyone wants to know where to download the google tool bar, you can find a link for it at http://www.google.com:)
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