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mara jade
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Kanji Gold

Post by mara jade » Wed 12.14.2005 10:45 pm

I've been playing with Kanji Gold and I really like everything that you can do with the program. But one problem that seems to keep happening is that the program is not holding onto the times i have set for the "on-time" review. Evertime i open the program the numbers are gone, and then it doesn't know which kanji to have me review. I would like it to review kanji i don't know every 12 hours and then progress from there to a day, then 2 days, etc. Does anyone else have this problem? or is it just my program?

Thanks for any help

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RE: Kanji Gold

Post by Kisshu » Wed 12.14.2005 11:26 pm

Hah... do you have a website where i can even figure out HOW to use kanji gold..? i can't make my own lists and i can't figure anything out on it!!! ~___~
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RE: Kanji Gold

Post by CajunCoder » Thu 12.15.2005 1:19 am

Heh, same. Its really nice, but I cant figure out how to set my own range of kanji to study.
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RE: Kanji Gold

Post by sgtkwol » Thu 12.15.2005 2:37 am

Yeah, the kanji list is only done by grade, but the examples all stick within the current grade or previously learned kanji. If you want something that is highly customizable, try knuckles in china land. It is so customizable you can study for that history test, although setting up an entire vocab list can be a little tedious.

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RE: Kanji Gold

Post by zengargoyle » Thu 12.15.2005 3:06 am

only being a little snarky here, but have you read the help? i just downloaded, installed, read help, did some tests and everything seems to work just fine... including the On-Time review feature.

go here http://ftp.monash.edu.au/pub/nihongo/00INDEX.html#win_r and download the recommended editor jwpce. take a look at some of the .jis and .dic files.

the .jis files are just lists of kanji, no more than 30 per line according to help.


the .dic files are just like EDICT format
入口 [いりぐち] /entrance/
出口 [でぐち] /exit/
非常口 [ひじょうぐち] /emergency exit/
押す [おす] /push/
引く [ひく] /pull/

if you haven't gotten it working yet...

remove the review.* files and start fresh.
start the program
menu: Options->Set Box Review Constants; change First Box Time to something short like 2 minutes; OK.
menu: File->Load Kanji; open All_grjc.jis; in the Set Load Counts dialog, change Total Count to 10 and click Load By Count.
menu: On-Time->Move New Kanjis To On-Time.

you've just loaded those first 10 kanji into the ontime process. mouse over the 'Eng = 10' area and a popup should show you that there are 10 kanji in the first box.

click the big green R and go through your 10 kanji.
once you finish, a popup will ask you to Save Review? click yes. mouse over the 'Eng = 10' area again and see that your 10 kanji are now in the second box.

menu: File->Save Kanji; and save your list of 10 kanji to a file like: mine.jis
exit program. come back later. load your list, start a review and miss some of the kanji on purpose. when you've finished Save the review when prompted and look at the popup again, some will be in the first box (ones you missed) some in the third box (ones you got right).

menu: File->Append Kanji; select All_grjc.jis again, load starting at 11 and total 7 and Load By Count; you now have 17 kanji.
menu: On-Time->Move New Kanjis to On-Time; check the popup again and the new kanjis were added to the first box. save to mine.jis again (now 17 kanji), do a review.

lather, rinse, repeat. as far as i can tell that's about all there is to it. if you want to create custom lists, use the jwpce program and look at the current .jis files for examples. read the help, play around a bit with just a few kanji until you figure things out. then it's probably best to delete/reinstall or otherwise set things back to the defaults so that the review has reasonable time between the buckets. just in case, the .jis/.dic files are in ISO-2022-JP format (how odd) but i assume that's what jwpce uses.

oh, and if there are any other linux people out there... it seems to run just fine under wine :D

that's as far as i've gotten just taking a quick look at the program. if there are specific questions/problems feel free to ask and i might be able to figure it out.

mara jade
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RE: Kanji Gold

Post by mara jade » Thu 12.15.2005 6:01 am

thanks for the help, i:ll try reinstalling it, maybe i messed something up when i was first playing with it.

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