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Streaming Video

Post by IkimashoZ » Sun 12.18.2005 9:24 pm

For awhile now, I've been keeping up my German via internet news broadcasts thanks to a German website that runs internet broadcasts of their news. I realized today that I do the same thing too with Japanese, but since I'm on the JET program all I have to do is turn on a TV or eavesdrop at work. However, there will come a time when those things are no longer convenient for me, and today I decided to ask around at work to see if there were any sites that streamed in Japanese broadcasts. Lo and behold, the results of my endeaver --

With my German, I like to try to listen for words I don't know the first time through, write them down, look them up then watch the same broadcast again. I think the same principle would work just as well with Japanese. Naturally, I only do this occasionally on a weekend when I have time, but I find it helps to make sure I at least watch the broadcast every day.


- Matt
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