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Learning Kanji- How and when?

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Learning Kanji- How and when?

Postby StrandedInATreetop » Tue 01.24.2006 5:09 pm

I'm finding it hard to remember the multiple pronunciations of many kanji. I tried to remember the actual kanji to the english word first, that didn't seem to work at all, and to just learn the different pronunciations with that didn't work either because when I wanted to use it I didn't know which pronunciation to learn. And learning words with the kanji doesn't work well at all because there is usually the kanji im learning followed by a kanji ive never seen before and it gets very confusing.

Do you think it'd be easier if my vocabulary were bigger and I already know all the words with the kanji in it. I am pretty confident with hiragana, and my vocabulary is as big as it could possibly be in a month. Should I keep trying to learn kanji or should I put it off a few weeks?

Either way I'd like to know the best internet resource for remembering kanji, I don't need stroke order I have plenty of resources for that.
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RE: Learning Kanji- How and when?

Postby mandolin » Wed 01.25.2006 1:18 am

I had the EXACT SAME problems as you did.

I found a book that alleviates these issues. HERE is a link to the Amazon.com entry for the book. I got mine at Barnes & Noble, though.

The thing with this book is it doesn't exactly teach the kanji. It's pretty much more for quick reference and such. HOWEVER, it provides example words for each kanji, and the example words -only- use kanji listed previous to that entry.

Now, this means that some of the words aren't exactly everyday conversation words, but that's not the point, at least, not for me. It's a word that helps me remember a reading of one (or more) kanji.

So, now I know that 土木 is civil engineering. The important part is I know in this word, the first kanji is "do" and the second is "boku". :) Who cares that I'll never talk about civil engineering in japanese, right? :P

I never found an online resource that was arranged in this manner. But it's been the -only- way for me to start working through the kanji systematically. Once I've gone through around maybe 300-500 of the kanji, I would start using this very site to get even more words to add to the vocab learned from the book. But I'm not that far yet.

It's still slow going this way, but at least it makes a lot of sense to me. *shrug* I paid $20 for it at B&N but it appears to be on sale on Amazon right now for $14. Pretty good deal. :)

Take care!
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RE: Learning Kanji- How and when?

Postby aKuMu » Wed 01.25.2006 6:13 am

Yes Kanji & Kana is is great book for kanji.
Im reading it by myself and i would say you cant do anything wrong by buying this book.
Its a great help
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RE: Learning Kanji- How and when?

Postby Infidel » Wed 01.25.2006 8:12 am

Kanji alive, which I refer to often, is an online recource that not only teaches you to draw the kanji but usually has several example kanji, with sound files. This is a picture of the interface which I shrunk about 2 inches to fit.

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RE: Learning Kanji- How and when?

Postby StrandedInATreetop » Wed 01.25.2006 1:09 pm

That's exactly what I was looking for. :-D It was really difficult trying to remember the meaning for 1 kanji and ignoring the fact that i didnt know the other kanji, and trying to look it up was just confusing, I'll head over to a book store this weekend and see if I can find it, otherwise I'll order it. Thanks.

As for the program, I'll check that out too and maybe use it as a second resource.
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