Sharp vs Canon (again)

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Sharp vs Canon (again)

Post by Bratpack » Sat 02.25.2006 7:10 am

Sorry to tread over old ground here, but... I sauntered over to Bic Camera, cash in hand, to buy a Canon G55 this evening, only to be distracted by a slightly more expensive (extra 5000 yen) Sharp model, the PW-V8900 (Japanese-language webpage here). It just didn't seem as flimsy as the Canon, and the Jump process was a bit easier to use. Oh, and it had more bells and whistles - but, then, you'd expect that wouldn't you? Anyway, was wondering if anyone here had actually used the Sharp one, or else could give me a good reason (beyond the fact that it's cheaper) to choose the G55. I know that the latter has that funky stroke order animation function, but is there anything else I'm missing?

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RE: Sharp vs Canon (again)

Post by Infidel » Sat 02.25.2006 7:49 am

I'm all about aesthetics. When in doubt always buy the prettier one that is the easiest to use.

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