Heisig's second Kanji book...

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Heisig's second Kanji book...

Post by Jasel » Sun 04.23.2006 9:47 pm

I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this?? I managed to snag copies of all 3 volumes for a cheap price and am well into the first one. But I was wondering if anyone has used/using the second volume and could state the various pros and cons that they've noticed.

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RE: Heisig's second Kanji book...

Post by zengargoyle » Sun 04.23.2006 10:58 pm

if you use the Firefox browser then this might be handy HTML/Javascript Heisig Tester. the Study list part doesn't work with IE. :@

it will let you test from Keywork to Kanji over a section of kanji from the Heisig book.

i haven't made it far enough into the second volume to give any real pros and cons...

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