word tanks .. any advice?

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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RE: word tanks .. any advice?

Post by two_heads_talking » Wed 05.03.2006 1:06 pm

thank you clay.. sounds like you sell them for a living.. that was very informative and better than the scant info i managed to dredge up..

looks like the g90 or g70 is where it's at.. if you are referring to the huge dictionary that you can look characters up by radical etc..

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RE: word tanks .. any advice?

Post by clay » Wed 05.03.2006 2:22 pm

Thanks! They are a lot of fun.

The G70 has the largest (best) J-E dictionary. The G90 (and V90 and V80) have Chinese dictionaries in addition to J-E-J and can draw unknown kanji on the screen.

I made a quick video on how to look up kanji without a stylus here:

I think it was done on a G55 but it applies to just about all Canons.


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RE: word tanks .. any advice?

Post by Kates » Wed 05.03.2006 10:16 pm

I'll jump on Hari-san's bandwagon and tout my lovely little G50. It was expensive (about $250 in Akihabara) but it was worth every yen I spent~ I adore the little thing, and use it constantly--even for English words. The dictionaries included with it have never failed me, and the examples given for the words are great. As Clay mentioned, it has an English menu feature, which is great, as well as the handy 'jump' feature, so you can highlight words you don't know (English or Japanese) to get meanings or readings.

I did my comparison shopping in 2004 and settled on the Canon Word Tank. I think the 55 was brand new at the time of my purchace, so I got a decent deal on my 50--but you can probably find it for an even better price these days, with them releasing the G90 recently. Whichever one you decide on, I have no doubt you'll be satisfied with the little machine. ^_^

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