NHK news

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NHK news

Post by chchan45 » Sun 04.30.2006 9:30 pm

I have found a place where you can practice your listening: The site is in Japanese only. On the top left corner, you will find links to real time news articless and some of them come with a video.

The transcript is situated conveniently just below. Useful to check if you have got it right.
You can quickly build up your vocabulary of kanji compound words.

Articles are taken off regularly so you cannot "go back" to an old item.
You cannot stop the video half way through.
Even if you want to listen to one part, you have to play the video from the beginning and listen to the whole thing again.
The language used is limited to "newspeak".
They speak so quickly!
Reading 李香蘭 私の半生

Please note that:
1. English is not my first language.
2. I am not Japanese. I am prone to making mistakes so please point them out if you see any.

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RE: NHK news

Post by kanadajin » Sun 04.30.2006 10:05 pm

Thanks chchan :D i'll make sure to check that out but I have to go soon School tomorrow :@

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