Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Post by Kisshu » Fri 05.05.2006 6:22 pm

Okdokey... this thread has a double purpose of sorts.

#1 I just got the Genki an Elementaty Course in Japanese book, workbook, and Student CD. So far, I am fairly pleased with it. I have a few problems however. One thing is that apparently there is no answers for the workbook and the textbook aside from in the answer key.. Is there anywhere online where I could get the answers to make sure I am doing this correctly?

Also, I am having issues with how the CD works. It says that the little audio picture means that the following section has an audio part to it. I started the first lesson and heard the audio on pages 6,7,10,11,12, and 13 for lesson one. But when I got to the practice section, the audio sign is shown, but the CD skips the practice section and moves on to lesson two. This is very confusing. In other words, the CD doesn't seem to cover the practice section of the textbook. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

#2. Well, I have heard that plenty of people have Genki. I was wondering if there is anyone who would be willing to work alongside me with the lessons since some of the activities require a partner. If we get enough people. we maybe could even start a new thread for it! But since that is sorta unlikely, I would just like to hear who all would be willing to give it a try!:D

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Post by Hark » Sat 05.06.2006 5:08 am


#1 I'm not sure how it's with the answers, but I'm planning to buy that answerbook. Maybe we could make some thread where answers would be checked (by someone who owns answerbook and have plenty of spare time ;) )

I came across the same problem a week ago. And unfortunately, the 2CD version doesn't cover the practice section in the textbook. There is also a 6CD version, which is intended for teachers and which covers also practice section. But dialogs there are recorded more times, first time at normal speed and than with pauses so that's the reason for so many CDs (and for the price, which is 7.5x 2CD set ;) ). You can check it here:

#2 Wow, that would be great. You can count me in.


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Post by colorpen » Sat 05.06.2006 5:18 am

some of the textbook practice sections does not have any answers in the answer key. I had a hard time matching the answer keys to see which sections it matches to be certain about this and almost got me crazy as its all jap words in the answer key.

i guess the genki series are not for self study but require a tutor..

another thing is the book does not explain everything in the dialogue paragraphs so sometimes gottta do a bit of self research or ask around..

its still ok for me as the other textbook i have is in chinese.. although some explanations fits better when explained in chinese but its taking me considerable effort to read em..

count me in for genki discussions too ! :D
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Post by Mukade » Wed 05.10.2006 1:03 am

Many times textbooks are sold with some of the dialogues on the teacher's disk only.

Also, answers are usually included in the teacher's manual. I doubt they would put the answers on-line, as that would make using the text in a classroom kind of moot.

If all else fails, you can always ask here about anything you are unsure about...

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