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Very interesting japanese practice

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Very interesting japanese practice

Postby adam » Mon 05.15.2006 8:58 pm

I don't usually post so this is a special occasion. I found this great website of japanese comics that are really great japanese practice. They are like short comics found in a newspaper, really funny, and done in quicktime so they have voiceovers.

I'd say this is excellent for all levels, because the comics are done in hiragana and kanji and spoken at normal speed, so great for advanced/intermediate. And it's also great for beginners because below everything is translated in romaji and english, with a small grammar point sometimes for each part based upon the comic. On top of this, there are a lot of typical corny japanese cultural jokes so you learn a lot about the culture, and overall the site is just fun. Might even be able to pick up a few oyaji gyagu!

I know I sound like an advertisement, but anyway check it out.


This is my favorite one so far and gives you a good taste of the site, so if you're too lazy to search check out this one first.


Anyone who lives in japan will enjoy that cartoon especially.

Good luck to you all! And don't say i never gave you anything hahaha.
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RE: Very interesting japanese practice

Postby kanadajin » Mon 05.15.2006 10:10 pm

wow thats awsome! thanks:D
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RE: Very interesting japanese practice

Postby Justin » Mon 05.15.2006 10:39 pm

ahahahah...that's some great stuff man, your example one there really cracked me up. Brings back some good memories. :)
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