Mini Japanese test

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RE: Mini Japanese test

Post by paul_b » Tue 07.04.2006 1:45 am

Harisenbon wrote:
The ones that got me were all the "How do you spell this in Katakana" and "which of these words is an original Japanese word"
I think the なさそう rules are at the same level as using split-infinitives. :-P

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RE: Mini Japanese test

Post by Oyaji » Tue 07.04.2006 4:34 am

These types of tests are quite common in Japan, and as Clay said, they are meant to be tricky. The key is to first try and figure out what they expect you to answer, and then look for something better. For instance common sense tells us that 梅(うめ) are traditionally Japanese, whereas 薔薇(ばら)seem more western. That generally means that 薔薇 is NOT the answer. I knew that 梅 originally came from China, so that is what I answered, and low and behold it was right.

The danger is that sometimes you can be TOO clever, and trick yourself. :D

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RE: Mini Japanese test

Post by CajunCoder » Tue 07.04.2006 4:53 am

Heh, I got a 49 - but I did cheat a little with a dictionary >.> Had I not cheated, I'm guessing I would have a score of around 30 or less =P

The なさそう bits confused me. I've yet to encounter this grammar. Just because I'm a bit curious, could anyone give a brief explenation?
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RE: Mini Japanese test

Post by Kaminari_Ninja » Sat 07.22.2006 9:48 pm

Wow, I did so badly it said there was an error... if it didn't screw up all the points I would have gotten would be from luck anyway.

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RE: Mini Japanese test

Post by kanadajin » Sat 07.22.2006 11:09 pm

Can anyone beat Harisenbon?

We wait for a challenger...
Whoa.. I got 67 oO No joke..
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