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Sound files for らりるれろ

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Sound files for らりるれろ

Postby KINGZ » Sun 07.23.2006 10:05 pm

Could someone please create a few sound files of words with らりるれろ in them, (native voice would be better please) I have a few and I know my software has tones more, but I keep having problems with the らりるれろ sounds in words and somewhat at a stopping point IE:
あたらしい = new
ひらく = open
はり = needle
しろ = white
これ = this
もり = woods
かるい = light (ie not heavy)
ひろい = wide/broad
its like im hearing a "[small]d[/small]L" sound in the words, just need to be sure.
A few of these words and some new ones would be a great help. ;)

PS, I also included the translation, just for the heck of it.

PSS :) Attached are the R sounds I have could someone check these.

I would have attached the Sound files of the words I have, but just Singel words alone there is [color=brown]well over +1,500 sound files in the software not including sentences, it would take me forever to find them. since they just use numbers for file names.[/color]
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