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Kanji help

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Kanji help

Postby suko » Sun 07.30.2006 9:05 pm

Does anyone know a good site for learning kanji?
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RE: Kanji help

Postby Sumi » Sun 07.30.2006 10:08 pm

This site basically has all the kanji from Grade 1 until Junior High. But this site has some good tips as well.
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RE: Kanji help

Postby Christian_ » Sun 07.30.2006 10:10 pm

Yoshida Institute, here's the link: http://www.yosida.com/en/kanji.php?level=4&page=1. There's 1-4 JLPT Kanji with GIF.'s, readings and meanings.
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RE: Kanji help

Postby suko » Mon 07.31.2006 7:43 am

thanks guys! really good sites. Cheers!
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RE: Kanji help

Postby ComradeJoe » Mon 07.31.2006 8:15 am

Like I said in another post, the program called Wakan (和漢, not 和姦 ;) ) has a very good kanji dictionary among other tools.
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RE: Kanji help

Postby nikoniko » Mon 07.31.2006 8:18 am




hmm....kinda pity i forget one site that shows the way of writing "kaki-kata"...
btw, good luck ^^
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RE: Kanji help

Postby Schattenjedi » Mon 07.31.2006 10:12 am

http://www.bibiko.de/kanji/ A very comprehensive kanji lexicon.

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