I need a good book about verbs

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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I need a good book about verbs

Post by erikN » Mon 07.31.2006 6:45 am

Hi guys

I'm new here and have been studying Japanese on my own now for a couple of months. Right now I'm in need of a book that can help me learn more about the usage of verbs and its conjugations. I've seen several that might suit my needs but I can not afford buying all of them and see which one is the best. I'm gonna buy some flashcards and jlpt 3,4 studying materials from the japanshop and would like to pick up a good book about verbs at the same time.

What book would you guys recomend?

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Hiroyuki kun
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RE: Verbs

Post by Hiroyuki kun » Mon 07.31.2006 7:24 am

Why don't you try the Oxford Dictionary of Japanese Grammar and Verbs. I'm sure you can find it on the web. I can also try to get the details for you because I have looked at it before.

I have the Oxford Japanese starter dictionary which also has a grammar and verb section with good explanations.

The other books I use is Living Language Japanese from Random House. They explain verb groups and conjugations just fine in there.

Hope this helps!

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RE: word processor japanese

Post by myselfin » Mon 07.31.2006 8:50 am

hello everybody,
i am a new member of TJP.
i learning japanese and would like to have some help from TJP members.
can u guys suggest me a japanese word processor......
awaiting reply....
thank you guys......
good day......

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RE: I need a good book about verbs

Post by richvh » Mon 07.31.2006 9:06 am

There's JWPce and NJStar. There is also Wakan, which really isn't a word processor, but has an editor mode.
Richard VanHouten

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