So many silly ideas about learning Japanese!

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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RE: So many silly ideas about learning Japanese!

Post by magma » Mon 08.14.2006 6:01 pm

Yes, the Japanese in manga is very difficult, (it helps to have a book like Japanese the Manga Way by Wayne P. Lammers to make sense of it all).

Lots of manga do have weird Japanese in them, but there seem to be just as many that have quite natural conversational Japanese. Of course, it's still very hard for beginners to read because of the short-hand style people use when they talk. Then again, reading a bilingual manga can be very helpful for beginners, I think. They can easily tell what's the weird-Japanese, because it well probably get translated into weird English. :)

There are many kinds of manga, some with less weird-Japanese than others. I started studying a series called Nihon no rekishi that's basically a manga history of Japan. It seems to be aimed at junior-high kids. They start with some narration, and then re-enact famous episodes from Japanese history. It's pretty easy to read, since the pictures already tell so much of the story (and you can use wikipedia to get the general idea of what's happening).
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RE: So many silly ideas about learning Japanese!

Post by Naota » Tue 08.15.2006 6:38 pm

:) Yeah, I picked a bad time to learn Japanese, my friend Yuki (an exchange student) just left to go back home forever over this summer. I taught him english, and the only thing he taught me was a few body-parts. . .*ehem* Yeah he was a bit perverted, but I think he was amazed at how open that was up here.

Anyway, I'm not very close to any good university at the moment. I live in Nova Scotia, that little tiny spec on the map attached to Canada. I've been to Toronta and it seems like 25% of the people there are japanese now!! I may have to go up there again and make some friends :D

(Its almost scary how many papers I have full of hiragana, and I'm only on "Chapter 6 ... ha-hi-fu-he-ho", But what I know, I know)

EDIT: I'm hopeing that another exchange student will show up next year, hopefully I'll befriend him/her.

EDIT #2: I completed chapter 6 ;)
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RE: So many silly ideas about learning Japanese!

Post by CajunCoder » Wed 08.16.2006 5:07 pm

I've been meaning to reply to this for a while, but have been too lazy until now :p

I must agree fully with you, magma! People want to just be spoon fed from a textbook, thinking they will eventually become fluent. It doesn't work like that. You simply have to jump in, immerse yourself, and -use- the language as much as possible, nomatter how hard or tedious it is. And most importantly, you have to not just want, but hunger for knowledge. If your taking classes, don't be satisfied with just that. Seek out knowledge on your own. Look for every opportunity you can get to practice and use the language.

I strongly believe in jumping head first into the deep end. :p

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