Practicing conversation

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Practicing conversation

Post by KAGEHISaNOTSU » Sat 08.12.2006 8:41 pm

Anyone have any ways of practicing Japanese convo ? Noone around me speaks any Japanese at all, and discussion on forums isn't the same as saying the words and speaking with someone. Anyone knows if perhaps there is some sort of software in Japanese with voice recognition ?

Speaking alone is just not the same and makes looks crazy XD. Weel, I'd really appreciate your help.

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RE: Practicing conversation

Post by randomperson » Sat 08.12.2006 8:51 pm

you could get a book with a cd and listen to that and repeat what they say( IME has a voice thingy on the IME pad) if you have a mic

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Chris Hart
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RE: Practicing conversation

Post by Chris Hart » Sat 08.12.2006 10:00 pm

If you're a ham, you could try IRLP reflector 9202 via your local node. Unfortunately, due to Japanese laws, guest operators (AKA third party traffic) are prohibited on that channel.
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RE: Practicing conversation

Post by Qbe » Mon 08.14.2006 10:56 am

If you have a fast internet connection, get Skype, then go to The Mixxer and start tracking down conversation partners. A bunch of new Japanese natives have joined recently, so you should be able to find a few. Also, include the words "Japanese" and "language exchange" in your Skype profile: I've heard that many Japanese search for those terms.

Chris Hart, thanks for suggesting IRLP. I'd never heard of it before and will definitely check it out. I don't have a node in my city, but will try to reach one down the road.

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