Best japanese programs

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Best japanese programs

Post by MushikoKr » Mon 08.14.2006 11:24 pm

Hi! I know this doesn't have anything to do with actually Japanese resources, but does anyone know where I can find a ranking of the best Japanese uni programs? I'm looking at either SOAS or ANU...I've been to SOAS before and I really liked it...just wondering how ANU compares...don't ask why I've picked these two LOLOL

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RE: Best japanese programs

Post by MagicGopher » Wed 08.23.2006 2:01 pm


For SOAS U could try the Guardian University Guide ... 80,00.html
but SOAS is def one of the top unis in the UK esp for things like Japanese.

I went to Sheffield which also has a very good Japanese dept and it's a cheaper city to live in then London if U are thinking about the UK.

I'm not sure about ANU. That isn't a UK institution is it? Getting direct comparisions between universities from different countries is quite difficult as most surveys just include universities from one country.

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