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Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

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Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

Postby edokid » Wed 08.16.2006 3:30 pm

Hey guys,

I use Pimsleur's to study which I love love love. The only thing is I find it doesn't give a whole lot of practice in having someone speak in Japanese and you say in English what they just said. It's great though for the other way. Does anyone know of another audio course, or online site or anything that will instead have someone say basic phrases like Pimsleur's in Japanese and have you say it in English and then see if you're right? Thanks!
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RE: Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

Postby magma » Wed 08.16.2006 3:42 pm

There's always Jorden's books, "Japanese: The Spoken Language", or (older) "Beginning Japanese". Lots of audio drills there...
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RE: Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

Postby CajunCoder » Wed 08.16.2006 4:35 pm

Thats nearly impossible. Or at least, would be extremely hard... I often have to think for a while to decide how to convey what was said in Japanese into English. Even if I understand the Japanese well, translating it into english is a different matter. Its best to just keep the two languages seperate, and stop depending on english as soon as possible. Don't try to put the language into your own in order to understand it: understand Japanese in Japanese.

That being said, expose yourself to the language as much as possible. Any opportunity you get, find simple listening practice, and listen "in" Japanese - you must be able to think fluently in Japanese without constantly refering back to english.

One thing that helped me, was to play a Japanese MMORPG where I had to communicate in Japanese, without English to fall back on (since, nobody knew English really.) If you feel confident enough about your ability to communicate on a basic level, look for some one to talk with exclusively in Japanese. This is easier to do over text, because you have a dictionary, but you can also try over voice using say, SKYPE.

Generally, my listening practice comes from simply watching TV/movies/dramas/anime/whatever else I can find.
There was another thread here, linking to a bunch of videos on Google Video, called "nihongo de kurasou". These are videos in Japanese, about learning Japanese. The voices are very clear and easy to understand, and it is pretty easy to understand while at the same time not being -too- simple. These are very good for listening practice, see how much you can understand! If you can't understand much, try transcribing some of it, and then show it to a more knowledgeable friend and have him help you.
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RE: Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

Postby Justin » Wed 08.16.2006 4:42 pm

What about some podcasts like...


I'm sure there's plenty of other podcasts out there you could use as some listening practice. Some might not have an exact English equivalent they give you explaining what they are talking about, but like CajunCoder said above, the sooner you can start to treat Japanese...as well...Japanese, the better off you're going to be.
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RE: Listening comprehension exercises; any ideas?

Postby edokid » Thu 08.17.2006 9:49 am

That makes sense. I guess that's why schools usually offer courses in a language, and then also courses translating that language as a separate thing. I'll check out the other resources posted though. I do find watching things in Japanese does help a lot as well. Even with English subtitles you hear something and know what they said by reading.
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