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Anyone using Pimsleur's want to study together?

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Anyone using Pimsleur's want to study together?

Postby edokid » Wed 08.16.2006 3:32 pm

Konnichiha minna!

I've been studying Japanese off and on for the last year. I've finally graduated from university and now have more time to study Japanese. I use Pimsleur's and absolutely love it. Right now I'm on Pimelsurs 1 lesson 13. Is anyone else in the same sort of area or beyond that would like to chat and practice talking together or discuss the lessons? I was also thinking to maybe even start an online study group where we can do a lesson every few days or what not and discuss so that we're all motivated to keep up with it. Let me know what you think, private message me or MSN lee.moreau@mac.com same for AIM :)
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