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Grammar study sentences and Children's stories

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?

Grammar study sentences and Children's stories

Postby gensougeki » Sat 09.23.2006 7:35 pm

Ok, I have several books on Japanese language. I have:
Living Language Ultimate Japanese
Living Language Ultimate Japanese Advanced
Kodansha Dictionary of Japanese Particles
Kodansha Handbook of Japanese Adjectives and Adverbs
Teach Yourself Japanese
Japanese Grammar Second Edition
I also have 2 japanese<->english dictionaries and a book called "Making Out in Japanese"

What I'm looking for is something (hopefully a free something) that will set forth interesting vocabulary, and explain the vocabulary, and grammatical subjects through examples, but not extremely complex examples. The two Kodansha books that I have do something similar to what I'm thinking about, namely the Handbook of Japanese Adjectives and Adverbs.

But I find that most of the books and materials that I have found, and/or bought, have been more about spoken conversational Japanese (which is quite easily memorizable), than they are about the structure and vocabulary. The closest thing to vocabulary in the Teach yourself Japanese, and Living language books I have is phrases, which are used in a few really boring sentences.

Japanese Grammar Second Edition has been very helpful to me, because it presents things in a very quite and yet well explained manner, and covers a whole lot of the major points of Japanese grammar (I'm not sure if it covers it all, because I have not mastered Japanese yet). It's mostly useful as a reference, as the Dictionary of Japanese Particles was intended to be.

The Living Language books are really more of a course for those who are wanting to learn conversational japanese quickly for business purposes or for a trip to Japan, and therefore, they have not been very useful to me. The Advanced Living Language book is similar to what I'm looking for, but it is just a little bit too far advanced for me in some parts, and therefore causes me more headaches than I'd like to have.

If anyone knows where I could get some material that actually presents vocabulary, shows you how to use it in creative ways, and explains grammar through interesting sentences and scenarios instead of "Hello how are you? I am Bob. I live in France. Where is the something or other building? Is that a spoon?" Then it'd be nice of you if you were to link me to such materials, or point me in the right direction. I'd really appreciate that.

I can't afford a real school text book on Japanese, and there are no classes for it where I am at, or anywhere near me. So you can present me with names of books that are really expensive or cost money at all, and I may consider saving up for them, but I am lucky to get 5$ a year most of the time, and therefore it is best if you present me with links to free resources or something under 20USD or close to 20USD, because my mother might consider buying it for me.

Simple Children's Stories in Japanese?

I think that I may be ready to start trying to read really simple stories in Japanese. If you know where to find anything like that for free, I would appreciate that information as well. I don't know alot of kanji, so romaji or super super simple kana text would be best. Hopefully some day I'll know enough about Japanese, and be experienced enough to also help you good people of the forum. But in the mean time, thank you for your help.
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RE: Grammar study sentences and Children's stories

Postby richvh » Sat 09.23.2006 7:39 pm

Tae Kim's Grammar Guide is a good place to start.
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RE: Grammar study sentences and Children's stories

Postby kanadajin » Sat 09.23.2006 10:43 pm

Wow, that was a long post. Im not in the mood to read but Im guessing by reading richvhさん's post your asking for children's stories or something. Hmm, well, the Frank and obaasan located here on TJP is fun and easy...
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RE: Grammar study sentences and Children's stories

Postby chiisu321 » Sat 11.11.2006 9:27 pm

Have you read all those books? :o
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